Map of the Cheapest and Safest Countries to Travel

Map of the Cheapest and Safest Countries to Travel

We all want to see the world, but most of us want to ensure it’s done in a safe manner. If you’re going to be working on the road or simply spending any extended amount of time exploring, ensuring a country is as safe as it is affordable is key to ensuring you have a good time.

Below are two maps that you can use to stack countries up to give you the best idea of where you’re going to travel

5 Affordable Exotic Locations to Work While Traveling in Luxury

People who don’t work in traditional offices will be happy to hear that there are many places throughout the world where they can work while enjoying the luxury of travel. No one needs to feel like they need to be stuck in larger cities like New York or Los Angeles in order to be successful with their business, especially when there are many more exotic locations available. These destinations are perfect for the nomadic work-travel lifestyle including web designers, consultants, or writers.

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