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As we grow, so do our tastes. Luxury holidays were once the last thing on my mind. I traveled comfortably as a backpacker for a decade, and while I still enjoy hiking and canoeing, I've grown fond of experiencing travel in all forms. Including those unique, one of a kind experiences for those who may not be able to travel long term due to their career. But rather enjoy a few weeks of luxury travel during their weeks off.

My name is Corbin Fraser. I'm currently based out of Regina, Saskatchewan. I have a wife, a house, a car, and an unending desire to see the world, experience new things, and enjoy life to its fullest.

Notable Achievements

I've been extremely fortunate in my experiences. I've started a successful business, an award winning travel blog, I've entered the wild world of home ownership, and have been published in several publications. Holiday Balladay is my latest venture in writing about the world of luxury holidays.

  • Published in the Toronto Star
  • Former Blog Sherpa writer for Lonely Planet
  • Interviewed by CBC Radio 2, CBC Radio 1, 980 CKRM, and several other radio stations.
  • Interviewed by the Montreal Gazette, which was syndicated across Canada to Calgary Herald, Toronto Star, and more.

Why Holiday Balladay?

It started with a ridiculous rhyme my wife and I came up with a couple of summers ago. We felt after a long winter we deserved a Holiday. For some reason we were on a kick in calling ourselves a couple of ballers. Which quickly evolved into a dorky rap. "Holiday. Balladay. Everyday's a holiday!"

But what is a Balla (or Baller)?

Etymology: Middle English 'bal', from Old Norse 'bollr' and akin to Old High German 'balla'; combined with the commin suffix 'er' denoting one that does or performs (a specified action)

Therefore, a baller is, literally, 'one who balls'. (See UrbanDictionary)

Other connotations of the word include:

1. One who exhibits a consistent proficency at-, or exuberant love for the game of basketball.

2. One whose person has been fully and successfully established in numerous social circles (esp. one who is extremely popular with both the male and female members of any given social group)

3. One whose status in society has been earned by one's possession of "game" (that is, proficiency at the game of life)

1. Exhibiting those qualities of a baller; not limited to the description of a person, 'baller' may be used to describe any place, thing or situation.

1. "This place is ballin"

Goals of Holiday Balladay

Experience New Places

Experience the world and cover new locations, new resorts, new vacations, and provide a refreshing and approachable tone to the sometimes stuffy world of luxury travel.

Establish Partnerships

I strive to make long lasting partnerships with people, brands, and organizations to grow Holiday Balladay from a blog into a go to source for inspiring people to indulge in high quality, luxurious travel experiences.

Experience Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel has become a growing trend in the travel industry. Resorts, hotels, and tour companies are constantly aiming to make less of an impact on the environment. I'd like to highlight these people and companies and show that you can enjoy travel with a smaller impact on the environment.

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